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I grew up in Buffalo, NY and began drawing (scribbling) at the age of three. I vividly remember drawing on the walls of my bedroom with crayons. So many masterpieces. So few walls! It did not go over well with my parents however.  As I grew up, I realized I would be influenced by an excessive desire to be creative in all aspects of my life.

I started painting in oils as a child, starting at age 12 and throughout my teenage years. I exhibited my works in local art shows and even won a contest here and there. Art became a wonderful escape for me. 

Then, I went off to college.

While at Syracuse University I switched my major to advertising design and communications. The Newhouse School of Communications opened a variety of new avenues for me to spread my creative wings. I dove into the art of selling and marketing. It became my career for over 45 years, As an Art Director and Creative Director, I had replaced paints with markers, and canvases with storyboard pads and editing suites.

Now, semi retired, my daughters have encouraged me to pick up the brush again and well... here I am. I love being back. Seeking gallery representation and a bit of recognition.



Dean College, Assoc. of Arts in Fine Art, 1972
Syracuse University, BFA in Advertising Design and Communications 1974

Artistic Influences:

I am inspired by the Wyeths, Paul Klee, John Singer Sargent, Jackson Pollack and Pablo Picasso, who will always be a giant in the art world. Currently, works by Jeremy Lipking and other contemporary realists like Nick Alms provide me with a wealth of inspiration as I move forward.

Creative Statement:

I begin by confessing to be many artists in one...reacting to what I see and feel at the moment of inspiration. My brushes are the extensions of my spontaneity and each stroke has a reason for being.  I don't paint in one style. I paint. Period. Im an artist who tells stories or captures times and moments. Variety of looks and style are my brand. I'm never sure where it will take me but the goal is always the same, to draw the viewer in, create curiosity, connect with the viewer who hopefully relishes my creativity.

Member: American Impressionist Society, NOAPS National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society

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